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National Plant Operators Registration Scheme

Who are NPORS?

Founded in 1992, NPORS was formed to challenge the status quo within the construction industry and we are as dedicated to the goal of ensuring standards today as the day it all began. NPORS stands firm on the principles it was founded on; supporting industry, regulated training and testing, consistent improvement, equal opportunities and transparency about how we work. Since it’s beginnings, NPORS has continued to progress to be a trusted and recognised name in the industry, offering employers a credible training alternative.


NPORS CSCS Plant Operator Card
As a partner card scheme of CSCS, the NPORS CSCS Construction Operators Card, will now be issued in line with the requirements stipulated by the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) and will display the CSCS logo.


The NPORS CSCS Cards that available are the Trained Operator Card (Red), and the Competent Operator Card (blue). The Blue Competent Operator card is only available to those operators who have achieved the relevant NVQ qualification

For new entrants to the scheme that have no formal qualifications, a Red Trained Operator Card will be issued which remains valid for two years, during which time the plant operator must achieve the relevant NVQ qualification for the categories held on their Trained Operator Card.


Traditional NPORS Card
If the CSCS logo is not required on your NPORS card, the option to apply for the Traditional NPORS card is still available. Once the training and assessment has successfully been completed the operator will receive a 3 or 5 year traditional NPORS card, which is renewable. This card can be endorsed with the Health, Safety & Environment (HS&E) test logo, if the operator has passed the relevant HS&E test within the last two years. If they don't have a valid HS&E test, then the card will be awarded without the HS&E logo.

NPORS Training and Testing

The advantage of using the NPORS scheme for training is that all training and assessment can take place at the employers’ site, with their equipment. The advantage of this is that the learner can utilise equipment which they are familiar with and presumably will be using after completion. Secondly, the convenience of carrying out the training on-site with little to no disruption to the usual commute and savings made on travel.

We carry out training in Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, London, Hertfordshire, Kent, Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire and across England.

To view a full list of the categories of NPORS training and testing we can carry out view our full list of NPORS services here 

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