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New Home for Armiger Training

The start of a pandemic may not have been the best time to invest in a company, on paper. However, this ended out to be the best decision for the company to date. August 2020 came round and lockdown was in full flow, we were busy looking for ways to expand and grow the business and it was quickly decided that renting office premises would be the next step to achieve what we had set out to achieve in the next 12 months. However with the world ever changing and being in a lockdown then out of it we couldn't get to see these premises and none of them fitted our requirements. So after some thought the decision was made to invest a relatively large sum of money and build a purpose built office to become our HQ. This turned out to be the best decision made and on the 20th March 2021 the build started. This turned into 4 months of relentless work both out on site and on the office build, with many late nights and long days ahead. With the shortages globally on materials there were periods of frustration waiting for materials to progress the build along.

However with persistence and determination the office was finished and from the day we moved in, late July, we have continued to grow. In the first 12 months up to August we have financially exceeded the targets we set ourselves and with immense proudness we continue to develop, expand, invest and achieve.

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